Zen Umbrella Payroll Service

Zen Personnel work with reputable and experienced umbrella companies in the UK. Please find below one of our approved partner and some information on the company:


Zen Umbrella LTD 

Zen Umbrella is one of the most experienced Commercial Contractors. Changes imposed by HMRC in the way contractors are able to be paid means that the best way for contractors to provide services is through Zen Umbrella.

Zen Umbrella provides Umbrella Company and Limited Company accountancy solutions to freelancers and contractors nationwide. Our Umbrella Company service can provide you with quick payments, processes allowable expenses which are then paid directly into your personal account. We can provide all the necessary insurance cover and a fully trained customers service team to support you.

Our Limited company service is there to support you running your own business with a dedicated account manager, IR35 compliance reviews and advice on what you can safely withdraw from your company. We will also complete all the necessary returns including VAT and Corporation Tax and we have online services, where you can raise invoices and submit expenses, available 24/7. Call us today to see how we can make pay less taxing


Umbrella Service:

The contractor will be an employee of Zen Umbrella and provide their services to the agency. The minimum rate for a contractor to be able to be paid under the umbrella service is £8.00 per hour.  Work related expense may be claimed for, which is how the contractor will benefit in an increased take home pay.


CIS Service:

Self-employed construction sub-contractors have the flexibility of managing their own work. All CIS deductions are deducted at 20%; or 30% if they are not registered.  There is no minimum rate of pay for CIS workers as they agree their own pay rates.


Agency Workers Regulations (AWR):

Zen Umbrella will be putting all our contractors on a standard Reg 5 comparator contract; unless the agency specifically asks Zen Umbrella to put them on a Swedish Derogation Model.


Why use Zen Umbrella?


We run 2 payrolls a day (Mon-Fri).  No deadlines for setting up new contractors; we set up and pay same day. The day we receive payment from an agency we pay the contractor by CHAPS, so funds clear in their account that day.

Hands on

Every application form we send out is tracked to ensure we receive the form back and the contractor is paid in time.


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