Who is it for?

We tend to find three types of people want to setup their own recruitment agency, and come to Zen Personnel to help them start their business.


Existing recruiters

They may have spent many years as a recruiter, but for someone else. They have the know-how on recruitment, but now want to make their mark and be their own boss by setting up their own business.



Existing business owners

They have the know-how on running a company, but haven’t specifically got recruitment experience. They are keen to diversify into the lucrative recruitment industry.



Budding entrepreneurs

They may know a specific sector from working in it, or have identified an opportunity, but do not have recruitment experience. They’re up for a challenge, and come to Zen Personnel to help them achieve their goals.





You may not fit into a specific category – what’s most important is that you are tenacious and passionate to succeed and dedicated to building your business.

If you ask a mountaineer where the hardest part is of any climb, the answer isn’t “near to the top, when your arms and legs are burning with pain”. It isn’t the early stages either or the half-way point. The hardest part is the planning: finding the correct path, choosing the correct equipment, and keeping motivated throughout. The easiest and most enjoyable climbs are the ones where you have someone right next to you offering support who knows the mountain like the back of their hand.


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