Children’s Services Information Analyst

Job Type:Contract
Salary: £11.74 - 14.72/hour

Job Family overview


Organisational support job family overview:


Delivery of services to support the Council and its partners in longer term; corporate compliance, contracting, planning, performance, policy and strategy.

  •  Focus on the business and service infrastructure of the Council and its partners to ensure effective management and proper compliance
  • Advice and services rendered will generally be accepted as authoritative and recommended practice
  • Specialist area and/or management knowledge
  • Understanding area concepts and plans
  • Defining implications of external influences and trends
  • Shaping of Council responses including service plans/strategies & policies
  • Definition & management of strategic planning processes
  • Monitoring and reporting of performance



Service / Function Context

The Performance and Information Service in Children’s Services provides a range of support functions to inform operational and strategic management, central government returns and oversight of performance.


Functions include:

Data collection and analysis

Development and maintenance of case management systems and data quality

Processes for early years free entitlement and provision of early years and schools directories

Daily e-communications to schools

Sets school term dates

Forecasts school rolls

Exclusion from school processes

Safeguarding support to early years settings and schools

Self-assessment and Inspection support

Business support to the Local Safeguarding Children Board


Job Purpose


This post is responsible for the collation, reporting and analysis of management information within the children services information team, ensuring that key data required for local and statutory purposes is captured and is retrieved in such a way to provide accurate and clear information.


Specific duties and responsibilities include:


·        Design ways of holding information to store and track data efficiently

·        Incorporate data from partner agencies to provide tracking and statistical analysis and returns

·        Combine datasets as required using data matching methodology and unique identifiers

·        Scope, design and write reports using appropriate software (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Business Objects, Crystal Reports) to produce data from case management systems as required for statutory returns and local management needs. This involves expert knowledge of how to get the most out of the functionality of the reporting tools, detailed technical knowledge of complex databases to know where to pick up the correct data together with knowledge of business processes and recording practices.

·        Provide advice, guidance and support to colleagues to ensure that whole team objectives are met e.g. sharing of expert excel skills, expert report writing techniques, knowledge of data limitations

·        Analyse and interpret data as required in order to provide managers and elected members with information that is used to inform strategic decision making and management of performance. This includes consideration of the content and the audience, making sure that the data presented meets the requirement and using creativity to help explain or highlight issues.

·        Research and suggest new ways of analysing and considering data. Children’s Services is a continuously developing landscape and data requirements do not stand still so reports and analysis need to align with change and work to reveal more about activity and performance.

·        Validate the quality of statistical information produced, following up with managers where necessary to achieve quality data. This often requires tact and diplomacy alongside examples of good and bad practice to explain sometimes complex scenarios.

·        Produce daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual reports as required and distribute in a timely fashion. Follow up any data queries and provide deep-dive detail and analysis as required.

·        Produce, prepare, validate and submit data for statutory returns. This requires a large amount of technical skill/knowledge and perseverance. Central government often change their requirements and validation rules resulting in the need to quickly understand a new issue and find the solution to ensure our returns are accurate. This includes an assessment of the impact of what is being submitted on the reputation of the Council, either because data shows a poor result or that data is absent/quality is poor which suggests that the Council cannot manage its information.

·        Maintain a history of information produced to enable retrospective analysis

·        Develop and maintain knowledge of the children’s services business process, work flow and management information definitions and the impact that has on reporting requirements

·        Identify needs for collection / analysis of data in light of changing requirements e.g. New legislation or changes in local business processes that require new monitoring arrangements

·        Contribute to the development of practice and procedures employed by teams and other staff inputting data to systems, through offering advice and support.

·        Develop and maintain detailed knowledge of user functions of the case management system to ensure the correct data is analysed and that likely changes in data patterns and trends are anticipated

·        Provide support and advice to projects in relation to management information.




Person Specification


Specific qualifications, knowledge, and skills required for this role:




HNC or NVQ Level 4 qualifications in statistical analysis or information management, or relevant experience

Professional Qualification in Information Systems / Information technology or statistical analysis

Knowledge of children’s services business processes


Significant experience of working with large datasets and maintaining the integrity of data during manipulation and analysis.

Experience of data matching  and data cleansing

Advanced knowledge and expertise in use of reporting tools (for example SQL query language and SSRS) enabling development of complex high performance querying of the data warehouses.


Excellent IT skills including Advanced Excel skills e.g. graphs, pivot tables, filtering.


Ability to create and analyse statistical reports that are suited to the audience

Attention to detail and accuracy

Effective time management skills to respond to complex and constantly changing work priorities and working to deadlines

Well organised and methodical / logical thinker

Ability to set up and review systems and procedures

Ability to work independently but as a part of a team

Experience of working with confidential data and understanding of the data protection act

Good communicator with the ability and confidence to work constructively with senior managers


Extensive use of relevant case management systems/ relational databases



Career graded posts


This post does not form part of a career grade.





Supporting information


Driving classification

Occasional driver

A valid UK driving licence is not required.  Occasionally may need to travel to different locations in order to undertake the duties of the role.


Regular Driver

Must hold a valid UK driving licence (with no more than 6 penalty points) and have access to either their own car or a pool car in order to undertake the duties of the role, unless other forms of transport are available and viable to perform the role. 


Required Driver

Must hold a valid UK driving licence (with no more than 3 penalty points) and will drive a vehicle supplied by the Council in order to undertake the duties of the role.


Employees should refer to the Corporate Driving at Work policy for further information.







Political restriction

This role is politically restricted.  The job holder is not permitted to undertake political activity involving standing for election as a member of parliament, as an MEP, as a member of the Scottish or Welsh Parliaments, or be a local councillor. The job holder is furthermore not permitted to canvas on behalf of a political party or a person who is already, or who seeks to be, a candidate.  In addition, they may not speak to the public or publish any written or artistic work that could give the impression they are advocating support for a political party.



This role is not politically restricted


Professional fees and related occupational costs

As part of this role, or to support professional development, the job holder is required to be a member of a professional body or association. The job holder is responsible for payment of all professional fees, memberships, registrations or subscriptions and no reimbursement or contribution towards these will be provided by the council


This role does not have any professional or occupational membership requirements


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