IT Portfolio Manager

Job Type:Contract
Salary: £344 - 438/day

Suit candidate with PM, Project Planning, PMO or BA skills.

Job Purpose:
The Strategy & Portfolio Manager will develop, maintain and co-ordinate the Portfolio plan of all new strategic enhanced capabilities, functionality, products and services. This role will act as the point of contact for the aggregation and prioritisation of new demand. They will provide support to Business Relationship Managers aligned to each business unit.

Main Responsibilities/Accountabilities:
Develop, maintain and co-ordinate the Portfolio plan
• Consolidate and aggregate IT demand into one coherent, prioritized portfolio of demand
• Maintain the IT portfolio plans prioritised and aligned to the IT strategy
• Provide input to Talent Management process and Resource planning
• On going assessment of the IT Portfolio plans and value delivered to support the management team reassess priorities for strategic programmes
• Work closely with PMO, and Resource and Talent management team to access the overall status and healthy of the IT Portfolio plan
• Develop and support the IT Project Online site
Demand Planning
• Act as the gatekeeper to ensure that the Portfolio of new programmes does not unnecessarily increase costs
• Balance demand against IT organisation constraints e.g. budget, resources working closely with PMO and Resource and Talent management teams

This will include:
Portfolio Definition
• Work with BRMs to ensure that all potential projects are understood, categorised, prioritised and go through the demand cycle and approval gates.
• Ensure that projects are scored before Gate 3 and rescored before Gate 4 (and then as required in delivery).
• Capture project resource requirements as they move through the approval gates.
• Monitor and control the flow of projects to the Delivery Plan, ensuring that projects in mobilisation are being progressed in order of score where appropriate.
• Review Gate 4 checklists and feedback to programme/project managers.
• Recommend in PRB meeting whether projects are ready to pass Gate 4.
• Ensure that Gate 4 approvals and documentation are recorded
• Report on and monitor demand vs. availability of resources as new projects are added to the portfolio and flag where bottlenecks appear.

Portfolio Delivery
• Monitor the health of the portfolio as changes occur.
• Oversee and coordinate the monthly exceptions cycle.
• Support Project, Programme and Resource Managers throughout the exceptions cycle.
• Review exception reports, ensuring that they are well populated and clearly explain the cause and impact of the exception.
• Ensure that exceptions have board approval and that the financial impact has been considered.
• Escalate any exceptions that may impact the overall portfolio (e.g. scope creep or cost escalation).
• Re-score projects if an exception is likely to impact the project score and re-prioritise accordingly.
• Monitor exceptions cycle activity in Project Online to ensure that the correct portfolio processes are being followed.
• Monitor and report on the causes of exceptions.
• Work with resource managers and Portfolio Review Board attendees to resolve resource conflicts and ensure that exceptions are met wherever possible.

Project Online Administration
• Train and support all users of Project Online.
• Ensure technical issues that affect users are reported and resolved.
• Ensure that project metadata is kept up-to-date by those responsible for doing so.
• Ensure that all resource demand is entered into Project Online.
• Ensure that resource managers keep resource and team capacity up-to-date.
• Produce capacity and availability graphs from Project Online as required.
• Take active role in the development of Project Online to meet IT needs.

Other tasks
• Arrange, chair and minute monthly Portfolio Review Board meetings to monitor the health of the portfolio.
• Update the Portfolio Dashboard Report Monthly and present to ITMG.
• Create a monthly Portfolio Highlight Report for CMT.
• Give an introductory session on Portfolio Management Processes to all new Project Managers.
• Own and develop the Portfolio Management process, keeping all documentation up to date.

Role requirements:
Candidates should have the following attributes:
• Project Portfolio Management and Prioritisation experience
• Report and manage expectations at management level via the Head of IT Strategy and Planning – upward as well as downward and sideways
• Strong communication skills – both written and oral
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Business Case, financial & cost-modelling development

• Candidates are expected to be qualified to degree level or equivalent, potentially with a higher degree
• A background in technology is a plus

• Strong skills in strategic and business planning methods, tools, and processes.
• Strong communication and presentation skills
• Ability to prioritise according to business strategy

Personal and Professional Attributes:
• This individual will understand and have a commitment to the philosophy, mission, values, and vision of Hampshire County Council
• Strong analytical and planning skills are important for this role
• The individual must possess good leadership, managerial skills and strong interpersonal skills

• The role is in our Winchester HQ office, which is a 10 minute walk from the train station.

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