Estate Officer

Job Type:Contract
Salary: £14.31 - 18.07/hour


 To assist in delivering high quality tenancy and estate management services. To contribute towards the resolution of enquiries from tenants and leaseholders, community groups and Tenant and Resident Associations in accordance with standard policies and procedures. To assist with local area initiatives to improve the overall estate environment. 


1.         To assist in the management of properties including separately let garages, carrying out all related estate management functions in accordance with policies and procedures. To keep the Team Manager - Estate Management informed of issues related tenancy, estates, resident involvement and leasehold management within the post holder’s own area.   

2.         To advise all tenants and leaseholders of their personal responsibilities and good behaviour at all times as stipulated by the tenancy agreement.

3.         To implement breach of tenancy and lease procedure by taking prompt action on breaches of the conditions of the tenancy or lease agreements, ensuring that remedial action is properly communicated to residents and recorded for future.

4.         To assist in carrying out accompanied viewings at empty properties anywhere in the London Borough of Hackney’s council housing stock for individual and multiple Choice Based Lettings (CBL) applicants. To ensure prospective tenants receive comprehensive information packs and their queries are dealt with effectively. To engage positively with a view to improve acceptance rate, record reasons for refusal and supply data as requested to London Borough of Hackney.

5.         To inform residents and formally sign up tenancy agreements and first visits to tenants in their new homes. To provide resolutions to related problems, induct tenants in operations of the estate, introduce tenants to local resident groups and make aware of Tenant and Resident Associations, ensuring rent and service charge responsibilities are clear and maintained.

6.         To conduct annual visits to all tenants and occupiers within the post holder’s patch of responsibility.

7.         To assist with inspections of properties subject to damp, disrepair or insurance claims as required and keep good records.

8.         To assist in ensuring that issues and enquiries raised by Tenant and Resident Associations located within the post holder’s patch of responsibility , are resolved and escalated where necessary.

9.         To assist Tenant and Resident Associations with setting and co-ordinating Enhanced Tenant and Resident Associations (ETRA) meeting dates in line with the Municipal calendar.

10.      To arrange approved transfers eg management transfers, decants and exchanges from properties as required by emergency transfer procedures. To provide clear advice to residents requiring assistance on relevant procedures and record/ take inventory of property conditions.  To address rehousing enquiries.

11.      To signpost for support and visit vulnerable tenants in line with Housing Services standards and targets and ensure that their immediate and medium term needs are met e.g. advice agencies, care support, meals on wheels and benefit advice.

12.      To notify all residents in relation to fire inspection risks, health and safety risks and communal area risks. To serve notice where appropriate and follow up on enforcement within agreed timescales and reasonable notice periods, through the implementation of fire risk policies. 

13.      To conduct inspections as required and respond directly to reported estate inspections on communal issues, health and safety risks, removal of obstacles, flammable items, ensuring all follow up activity is recorded with the appropriate enforcement officer.

14.      To liaise with the Estate Inspections team to monitor the cleanliness of estates. To ensure good housekeeping of estate communal areas by reporting and progressing matters requiring attention, reading block meters and accompanying tenants’ representatives on block and estate walkabouts.

15.      To assist with emergency evacuations and arrange for residents to be resettled in suitable alternative accommodation as need arises during core hours.

16.      To attend resident involvement events to develop tenant and resident participation and engagement, wider functions across borough as required representing the service.

17.      To receive and process leaseholder applications to carry out alterations or to purchase additional space.  To assist leasehold services in checking accuracy of job tickets for billing purposes.

18.      To work closely with the Repairs team to ensure that leasehold issues are taken into account when issuing works orders. To resolve matters where leaseholders dispute the standard of day to today repairs and/ or estate services.

19.      To prepare case reports, witness statements and attend court hearings and case conferences as required within the post holder’s own area of responsibility. 

20.      To maintain estate and service records are held to enable leaseholders to be provided with itemised breakdowns of costs on request. To be able to substantiate the costs and ensure that related services and works have been provided.

21.      To carry out referrals and follow up on all enquiries required by Housing Services departments and keep residents well informed. To support the Team Leader - Estate Management in providing information for reports for meetings as necessary.

22.      To take responsibility and contribute to own continuous development and to keep up to date with trends and changes in the housing sector, legislation, policies and best practice and deliver services accordingly.

23.      To meet key performance indicators and targets/ objectives set and report to the Team Leader - Estate Management in respect of service delivery.

24.      To contribute towards London Borough of Hackney maintaining effective positive relationships with residents, partners and colleagues at all times. 

25.      To produce a bi-annual estate based newsletter and/ or other estate based notices or literature.  

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